An active lifestyle is the most successful form of preventative medicine.

Our Belief

There is a lot more to fitness than just looking good for the swimsuit season, although it is one of the best perks! Our bodies are meant to move, and when we move on a regular basis we get stronger and healthier. Feeling better, sleeping better, having more energy to deal with the stress of everyday life… these are the true measure of fitness.  

We spend our lives hustling every single day and sometimes forget about the most important thing in the world, our health. We wholeheartedly believe that success is easily achieved with the driven support of a community with a common goal.  That’s why we believe our group training structure is key in developing the mental strength to push through even the hardest days.

We think of every partner as a family member, your success is our success. Our trainers and staff are here to push you when you need it, to congratulate you on your achievements, and to support you in any way we can. Giving us just one hour a day will become the best personal investment you’ve ever made for yourself.  


Functional Interval Training is a fast paced and extremely fun style of training.  Thirty minutes of all out effort is all it takes to achieve a sweat drenched, heart pumping, muscle shaking workout.  We’ll warm you up and stretch you out, with a little bit of rest in between.  Our circuit is perfectly balanced to build cardiovascular endurance and gain muscle strength while improving your balance, flexibility and agility skills.  All of which are very important when it comes to investing in a well rounded fitness routine.


Investing in your fitness

While you take your class, we want you to think about what 3Minute Fitness can do for you. We don’t see you as a potential customer, we see you as a potential partner. Our worst nightmare is giving someone a mediocre experience and wasting your time is the last thing we want to do.  

Wether you are just trying to add some dynamic training to your current routine or looking to go all in, we are here for you. Our program is designed to fit every fitness level and goal. Below you will find a quick rundown of investment options to consider after your class.  If you decide 3Minute Fitness isn’t for you, that’s ok too.



  • TrueForm Treadmill

  • Water Rower

  • Jacob's Ladder

  • Keiser Bikes

  • Turf

  • Sleds

  • TRX