3 Minutes / 10 Stations

Our Belief

Your potential is limitless.

Reach for the sky and take it!! ⚫️🔴 TODAY is the day. YOUR day.

3MF is here to help you on your journey to becoming the absolute BEST version of yourself.

As you walk through our studio doors, say to yourself, I CAN become the BEST version of myself.

You can accomplish whatever you put your mind to!!

We’re here to serve YOU and help you reach your goals.

Get to 3MF and start TODAY! 🤜🤛 You got this!!

Our mission

at 3mf, you will be stronger and healthier. Feeling better, sleeping better, having more energy to deal with the stress of everyday life… these are the true measures of fitness.  

We spend our lives hustling every single day and sometimes forget about the most important thing in the world, our health. We wholeheartedly believe that success is easily achieved with the driven support of a community with a common goal.  That’s why we believe our group training structure is key in developing the mental strength to push through even the hardest days.

We think of every client as a family member, your success is our success. Our coaches and staff are here to push you when you need it, to congratulate you on your achievements, and to support you in any way we can. by Giving us just one hour of your day, we will change your next 23.  


FUNCTIONAL Interval Training is fast paced and extremely fun.  10 / 3 minute stations is all it takes to achieve a sweat drenched, heart pumping workout.  From warm up to cool down, our certified coaches have got you covered.  Each 3MF circuit is perfectly balanced to build cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength while improving your balance, flexibility and agility.   

Each of our 10 stations are designed to accommodate a variety of fitness levels and age ranges.  Making our workout great for friends, families, and everyone in between!

Each station is designed for 2 or 3 members per station. Our certified coaches will be with you from beginning to end to help guide, support, and push you to become the best version of yourself.  Versatility allows us to modify any movement or workout so suit any individual needs or goals.

Working out is always better with a friend.  3Minute Fitness is designed to encourage a team atmosphere to help drive the success of each and every member.  We believe fitness should be fun and rewarding. we strive to create a positive and motivating environment for everyone in the 3MF family