Adam Cross

Founder / CEO

As founder and CEO of 3Minute Fitness, Adam's persistent leadership to change lives is palpable.  A lifelong passion for health and fitness has led him to creating a platform for success.

Adam has spent his career in healthcare sales and management helping to meet the need of patients and providing solutions.  During his personal workout time, he would witness a daily void in the fitness industry.  Many eager people in the gym wanting to improve their health and fitness, however many lacking knowledge and direction. Through this, he decided to create a proactive solution for those who desired the need to be healthy.  

The 3MF design was an instance success. Functional Interval Training in a group setting.  The 3MF team decided to take fitness to another level by creating a model that allows the entire family to build a healthy foundation together.  Now youth and parents can all workout safely and effectively together. 

Adam also leads the brand and franchise development team with the goal of having 3MF become the next fastest growing franchise in 2018.


Derrick Carson

National Field Director

Derrick is the National Field Director at 3 Minute Fitness who leads the overall development team. He is an integral part of the rapid success through his dedication and leadership to serve others.

His background as a Retail Director, Coach of multiple athlete programs, and a Co-founder for Friend of A Friend Non-profit charity has led to the success of our Development.

Derrick is a family man who lives by Faith, Family, and Fitness. He has a passion for making an eternal difference in the lives of others. His background has impacted all age demographics specifically in Coaching Football and Sports Ministry through the Pittsburgh area. Chances are if you are in the Pittsburgh area you have come across Derrick at some point in time.

"Let's work toward the movement of keeping families training together" is what Derrick preaches daily.