"I CAN DO ALL THINGS" Children's Charity was created by Sherri and Adam Cross, the founder of 3Minute Fitness. Sherri and Adam have hearts full of love and compassion for children in unfortunate home environments. They decided to start this charity because of their passion to help children in the Foster Care System or who may be awaiting Adoption to lead them to live their best life.

There are many ways you can support the I Can Do All Things Foundation and contribute to bettering the lives of children and families in our community.


You can become a corporate sponsor for our Annual 3Athlon event where we bring people together to compete for a cause. As a sponsor, you can help us make our fundraising event a reality and success. Each year, our numbers and participation have grown significantly, and we want to keep growing to give back as much as we can.

As you know, the support is needed year round, not just during the time of our event. You can donate any amount of your choice to the cause below. We appreciate your assistance in our efforts to give these underprivileged children and families a chance at a better life.

Sherri and Adam Cross have hearts full of love and compassion for children in unfortunate home environments. Sherri has spent her career as a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Dept. Early in her career at Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh, she cared for many children in unfavorable situations. Her heart ached, and she felt an impression in her spirit. There was a very specific child and scenario that she will never forget. From that moment, her passion was ignited, and she knew she was meant to do more for these children. On the other end of the spectrum, Adam was one of these children.


Adam was adopted by a loving father who gave him a chance at life. Through unfortunate circumstances, Adam ended up being raised by his mother and new stepfather. Sadly, this was a home filled with alcohol and drug abuse, as well as physical and mental abuse. As a young child, Adam knew he wanted to grow up to be a loving father. 


Throughout their marriage, they discussed adoption for their family. They began their journey in 2017 and during the process with their agency, they felt their hearts lead them to Foster Care. Today, they are currently fostering two 4-year-old twins. And now, their family and hearts are FULL! 

We created this charity to help bridge a gap between those who have a heart for these children to helping contribute the means to make it possible.

We exist to help provide financial support to those families actively seeking Adoption as well as current Foster parents who may need financial assistance in their journey. Last year, following the 3Athlon, we were able to bless three families! 


The first family was getting ready to travel to China to pick up their little girl! We were able to provide some additional support for travel expenses. Our second family is actively awaiting Adoption. We were able to support their fundraising Run/Walk with 3MF sponsorship and raise funds for Adoption savings. Our third family is currently Fostering a teenage girl in our area.


We were so happy to come alongside these families with love and support! We can't wait to see what great things God has in store for this year!